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When should one use const_cast, anyway?

Date: 12-Jun-2010/23:35


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I saw a question on StackOverflow asking about why one would use const_cast. Because I've thought about that question lately I glossed over that they were asking specifically about applications of casting away volatile...which I didn't even know you could use const_cast to do!
So I learned something. But I thought the answer I wrote to why you would use const_cast at all was pretty decent, so I was going to leave it there. But then I decided it was too off topic so I'd move it here.
The most common use of const_cast I've seen (with const) is this scenario:
  • You're calling a library that has something like a printFoo(Foo* fooPointer) function, which clearly requires a non-const Foo.
  • There's good reason to be "sure" this function doesn't modify the Foo, but you're unable to change the prototype or the source to express that knowledge for some reason.
  • Your code has made an effort to only use Foo* in contexts where writability is needed and const Foo* in all other contexts.
...that means that as a stopgap measure, you'll have to const_cast in order to cross this divide and call the routine.
OTOH, the most legitimate use I know of is in subsystems that own objects in a non-const sense, yet have cases where they hand back const pointers to callers. The subsystem natively has more privileges on those objects, so if a caller passes one of those const pointers back it can "upgrade" the privileges.
Sure, the subsystem could store a useless map from non-const pointers to const ones...but const_cast is more time and space efficient:
const SubsystemObject* Subsystem::getReadOnlyObjectById(int id) {
     SubsystemObject* subsystemObject = getObjectCore(id);

     constMap[subsystemObject] = subsystemObject;

     return subsystemObject;

void Subsystem::someMethod(const SubsystemObject* constSubsystemObject) {
     SubsystemObject* subsystemObject;

     subsystemObject = constMap[constSubsystemObject];
     subsystemObject = const_cast<SubsystemObject*>(constSubsystemObject);

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