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2 Space Indent, 4 Space Indent, or Both? : 11-Nov-2018
Kinda Smart Pointers in "C/C++" : 10-Feb-2016
Poisoning Memory with (or without) Address Sanitizer : 7-Aug-2015
Casts for the Masses (in C) : 9-Jul-2015
Rebol State of the Union (June 2015) : 25-Jun-2015
Notes on Valgrind, Address Sanitizer, and Compiler Warnings : 30-May-2015
Low-Commitment Doxygen Markup for C++ : 20-Mar-2015
RENCPP: C++ Binding for Rebol and Red : 6-Mar-2015
The RTBkit Real-Time-Bidding Toolkit Examined : 27-Feb-2015
Template Specialize std::optional/boost::optional or Not? : 20-Nov-2014
Locality, Locality, Locality : 8-Jul-2014
BENZENE: C++11 Application Framework : 5-Jul-2014
METHYL: Type-Safe Reimagined DOM for C++11 : 5-Jul-2014
Genesis of the Benzene Application Framework : 3-Jul-2014
PixelCAD Icon Editor from 2002 : 20-Jun-2014
QtCreator 3.1 and Qt5: The GDB Process Terminated : 29-May-2014
QtCreator 2.8.1 Not Debugging Locals in Ubuntu 13.10 : 20-Oct-2013
"Psychic" Sorting Algorithms : 28-Sep-2013
Inquiry /E and /G - More Teenage Turbo C Coding : 27-Sep-2013
A Fond Farewell to Organizing the Austin C/C++ Group : 19-Jun-2013
Iostreams Re-Examined : 7-Apr-2013
The Essential Noisy Debug Hook for Qt : 2-Oct-2012
Bjarne Stroustrup on the Uniqueness of unique_ptr : 30-Sep-2012
StackOverflow Summaries and Opinions 2011 : 18-Jan-2012
When should one use const_cast, anyway? : 12-Jun-2010
THINKER-QT: Background Calculation for Qt 4.5+ : 16-Dec-2009
Ideas on Meaningful Prefixes in C++ Code : 14-Nov-2009
Treating Non-Boolean Types as Logic Values : 26-Oct-2009
HOIST: Strong Source Identity Library for C++ : 22-Oct-2009
Tweaking Analog Literals (C++ humor) : 29-Aug-2009
Qt Can't Have Model and View on different Threads? : 7-Aug-2009
Smart Pointer Casting Study : 10-Jul-2009
8-Year-Olds Should *Read* My Code : 16-Jun-2009
Boost.Graph: Not as Crazy as you Think : 1-May-2009
Modern C++... or Modern Art? : 31-Mar-2009
NOCYCLE: Compact C++ Directed Acyclic Graph : 10-Mar-2009
NSTATE: Packed Arrays for Tristates (and more) : 5-Mar-2009
TITLEWAIT: Non-invasive Test-Driven Signaling : 20-Oct-2008
FLATWORM: Low-Latency Rewriting Proxy : 20-Oct-2008
In Defense of Hungarian Notation (with caveats) : 24-Sep-2005
Cleaner API Design Using Ignorable "Hints" : 12-Aug-2005
Assertions Parameterized by Location : 1-May-2005
Object Lifetime as Protocol in OOP : 21-Apr-2005
Pseudo-functional programming tricks in C++ : 15-Mar-2005
The transitive power of C++'s const keyword : 10-Feb-2005
Some C++ Code Formatting Thoughts : 1-Jan-2005
Sums of numbers that add to X : 10-Oct-2004
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