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Currently is a scrape and rewrite of content that was previously on Your patience is appreciated while the transition from WordPress is underway.

The project pages are getting new homes too. So go check out BlackHighlighter, Albumist, USCII, Thinker-Qt, Rebmu, Rubol, OpenZoom-Squared, and many more to be added as the pages here get put together better.

In addition to the master list below, you can browse the entries by tag. There is some preliminary support for navigating the entries with the left and right arrow keys, and all the comments from the old site have been imported into Disqus. I appreciate your feedback or suggestions, so do not hesitate to contact me!

A Rebol vs. Python Performance Test : 1-Apr-2014
The Central Newbie Question about Rebol/Red : 20-Mar-2014
Thoughts on Sharing Client and Server code with Node.JS : 16-Mar-2014
Importing Comments With the Disqus API : 20-Jan-2014
Charles Babbage as Grumpy Old Man : 12-Dec-2013
Funny Maze Solver From Age 13 : 11-Dec-2013
Load Balancing on Massively Parallel Networks : 10-Dec-2013
Notes on How to Film Technical Talks : 9-Dec-2013
Why Rebol, Red, and the Parse dialect are Cool : 5-Dec-2013
QtCreator 2.8.1 Not Debugging Locals in Ubuntu 13.10 : 20-Oct-2013
"Psychic" Sorting Algorithms : 28-Sep-2013
Inquiry /E and /G - More Teenage Turbo C Coding : 27-Sep-2013
"Autoplagiarism": An Intellectual Property Dialogue : 18-Sep-2013
MANYKEYS: My Open Source Roots : 16-Sep-2013
A Fond Farewell to Organizing the Austin C/C++ Group : 19-Jun-2013
Another Bad Apple: Replacing an iMac Hard Drive : 12-Jun-2013
Nenad Rakocevic for O'Reilly 2013 Open Source Awards : 16-May-2013
Sharing a Host's Directory Into Virtualbox Using NFS : 14-Apr-2013
Iostreams Re-Examined : 7-Apr-2013
Why is PHP Mind Poison? : 23-Feb-2013
Logo Design for the Open Source Rebol Project : 11-Jan-2013
Initial Build of Rebol for the Haiku Operating System : 28-Dec-2012
Software Engineering Quotes : 1-Dec-2012
The Essential Noisy Debug Hook for Qt : 2-Oct-2012
Bjarne Stroustrup on the Uniqueness of unique_ptr : 30-Sep-2012
Failures of Sprint Hotspot As Home Internet: Stay Away : 17-Sep-2012
Workaround for Broken Keys In TeamViewer with VirtualBox : 26-Jun-2012
Stallman Was Right, Volume CCCIV: OS/X Lion : 7-Jun-2012
A Word on Programming Education and SpaceChem : 6-Mar-2012
StackOverflow Summaries and Opinions 2011 : 18-Jan-2012
A Great Customer Service Experience with Amazon.Com : 11-Aug-2011
Virtual Machines and the *Very* Genuine Windows Dis- Advantage : 17-Jun-2011
South By Southwest and Austin Migration : 11-Mar-2011
UI Should Be More Than The Data Structure : 10-Jan-2011
Stopping Exploitation from Being Profitable : 20-Oct-2010
Imagination Squared (Plus OpenZoom) : 12-Sep-2010
Clocks that Run Backwards (and other innovations) : 18-Jul-2010
When should one use const_cast, anyway? : 12-Jun-2010
Where the printf() Rubber Meets the Road : 14-Mar-2010
A Modest Proposal for a Rebol Code Golf Dialect : 8-Jan-2010
Proving There are Only Six Dudeney Numbers : 24-Dec-2009
.Trashes, .fseventsd, and .Spotlight-V100 : 2-Dec-2009
Permanently Changing GRUB Menu In Ubuntu : 22-Nov-2009
Ideas on Meaningful Prefixes in C++ Code : 14-Nov-2009
Treating Non-Boolean Types as Logic Values : 26-Oct-2009
Tweaking Analog Literals (C++ humor) : 29-Aug-2009
Smart Pointer Casting Study : 10-Jul-2009
8-Year-Olds Should *Read* My Code : 16-Jun-2009
Takeaways from the Extjs Licensing Fiasco : 15-Jun-2009
An Enumerated Type For Rebol2 : 13-Jun-2009
Boost.Graph: Not as Crazy as you Think : 1-May-2009
Modern C++... or Modern Art? : 31-Mar-2009
Thoughts on Joel Spolsky's "User Interface Design for Programmers" : 9-Feb-2009
Can You Crack "Arecibo ASCII"? : 20-Oct-2008
Major Quirks of the Rebol Language : 10-Sep-2008
Is Rebol Actually a Revolution? : 8-Sep-2008
The Flexible Series as a Core Concept of Rebol : 5-Sep-2008
Computer Languages as Artistic Medium : 23-Apr-2008
Finding the Three Fastest Laptops : 16-Apr-2008
When Sockets Attack: DNS & DHCP : 20-Feb-2008
One User Event, One (or Zero) Error Messages : 30-Dec-2007
Programmers Shouldn't Write Invalidation : 25-Dec-2007
HOWTO: a "Perfect Reconstruction" Graphic Equalizer : 16-Dec-2007
Bribing the Jing Project to Be Open Source : 2-Dec-2007
Mouse Placeholders for when Programs Lose Focus : 25-Nov-2007
Tying Undo/Redo Actions to a Single User Event : 25-Nov-2007
Site Technical Details : 7-Nov-2007
Workaround for Firefox 2 Scroll Bar Bug on Mac : 6-Nov-2007
Virtualization and the Integrated Circuit: Looking ahead : 3-Nov-2007
Day One of Mixing the "Ext-js" and "Yui" frameworks : 30-Oct-2007
Bribing developers to make their work free : 20-Oct-2007
Web > 3.0 and The Future of Software : 20-Oct-2007
A database of "A is better than B" relationships : 22-Feb-2006
In Defense of Hungarian Notation (with caveats) : 24-Sep-2005
Cleaner API Design Using Ignorable "Hints" : 12-Aug-2005
"Freedom To" and "Freedom From" in Software Architecture : 4-Jul-2005
Alan Turing's Computability Thesis, in his own words : 20-Jun-2005
Assertions Parameterized by Location : 1-May-2005
Object Lifetime as Protocol in OOP : 21-Apr-2005
Pseudo-functional programming tricks in C++ : 15-Mar-2005
The transitive power of C++'s const keyword : 10-Feb-2005
Some C++ Code Formatting Thoughts : 1-Jan-2005
Sums of numbers that add to X : 10-Oct-2004

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