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Making the Case for Caselessness : 18-Oct-2018
Line Feeds, No Tabs, and UTF-8 : 8-Oct-2015
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Comments vs. Links on the Collaborative Web : 16-Jul-2014
Comments Should Say WHY and not WHAT : 15-Jul-2014
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Why Rebol, Red, and the Parse dialect are Cool : 5-Dec-2013
"Autoplagiarism": An Intellectual Property Dialogue : 18-Sep-2013
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Nenad Rakocevic for O'Reilly 2013 Open Source Awards : 16-May-2013
Why is PHP Mind Poison? : 23-Feb-2013
Software Engineering Quotes : 1-Dec-2012
Stallman Was Right, Volume CCCIV: OS/X Lion : 7-Jun-2012
StackOverflow Summaries and Opinions 2011 : 18-Jan-2012
Virtual Machines and the *Very* Genuine Windows Dis- Advantage : 17-Jun-2011
Stopping Exploitation from Being Profitable : 20-Oct-2010
Clocks that Run Backwards (and other innovations) : 18-Jul-2010
8-Year-Olds Should *Read* My Code : 16-Jun-2009
Takeaways from the Extjs Licensing Fiasco : 15-Jun-2009
Thoughts on Joel Spolsky's "User Interface Design for Programmers" : 9-Feb-2009
Can You Crack "Arecibo ASCII"? : 20-Oct-2008
Is Rebol Actually a Revolution? : 8-Sep-2008
Computer Languages as Artistic Medium : 23-Apr-2008
Programmers Shouldn't Write Invalidation : 25-Dec-2007
Bribing the Jing Project to Be Open Source : 2-Dec-2007
Tying Undo/Redo Actions to a Single User Event : 25-Nov-2007
Web > 3.0 and The Future of Software : 20-Oct-2007
Bribing developers to make their work free : 20-Oct-2007
In Defense of Hungarian Notation (with caveats) : 24-Sep-2005
"Freedom To" and "Freedom From" in Software Architecture : 4-Jul-2005
Alan Turing's Computability Thesis, in his own words : 20-Jun-2005
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